Power Systems:  Cost effective designs for interior layout of transformation, wiring and electrical panels

Lighting & Efficiency Control:  LED and energy efficient fluorescent lighting implementation, occupancy lighting control, daylight harvesting, LEED compliant design

Distribution & Utility Coordination:  High voltage system connectivity, transformation, Hydro utility connection coordination, underground and overhead infrastructure

Arc Flash:  Calculations for arc flash potential, identification and labelling of PPE requirements for electrical panels

Coordination Studies:  Calculations for identifying maximum system fault current and fuse and breaker protection coordination

In-house estimating software to perform detailed project budgeting

HVAC:  Efficient application of design for reducing energy and optimizing occupant comfort

Plumbing:  Infrastructure design for indoor and outdoor systems for a variety of applications

Control:  Design of systems control for optimized energy efficiency and flexibility of use

Energy Efficiency:  New installation and retrofit designs to maximize operational cost savings

Maintainability:  Ease of operational use and reduced on-going maintenance costs

Communications:  Drawings and specifications for comparative pricing of communication systems to meet client requirements

Structured Cabling:  Horizontal cabling design, and clear testing and commissioning requirements

Fibre and Wireless:  High speed infrastructure and local wireless connectivity

Security:  Access control design and component specification for security applications